Monday, August 3, 2009

So much fun in Maine

We are having so much fun on our visit to Maine! I have been very lucky I am able to see many of my friends from school and that I have reconnected with thru Face book. Of course my camera screen is still cracked and I can not see anything that I am taking pictures of but they still manage to come out fine. The above picture my friend Sheryl's husband took and he didn't do to bad. Lot of fun shopping , eating and enjoying the company of my family and friends.
Sea Dog seems to the the"IT" place to go every time I have gone out with my girlfriends this is the place to go.They brew their own beer and we sampled a peach wheat beer that tasted like peach yogurt YUCK! No Corona or Pacifico here at Sea Dog.
Wyatt spent 3 days at my sisters house swimming, mowing the lawn on the riding lawn mower and shooting guns. I let him drive the rental car out the camp road ( a rite of passage at that age).

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