Thursday, July 30, 2009

Everything Party for Wyatt

While we were here my sister Tammy had an Everything Party for Wyatt to celebrate all the holidays they miss with him as well as his 8th grade graduation, he had a blast. She had so much food (lots of pasta salads), cake a giant whoopie pie cake and a deep fried turkey that was surprisingly good and not at all fried tasting or greasy, of course I had run into town with my sister from another mother and didn't see it come out of the grease. The wish bone was gone I was told it disintegrated in the grease. YUCK!
Tammy even had this everything hat for him, it had something hanging off it or duct taped to it for every holiday or Maine thing. He was a good sport and wore it for a bit but it was very heavy he said, That Christmas ornament was made from slate she even had a bottle opener on it. It was a fun day despite the mosquito's.

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Gloria said...

Thanks for being such a good friend and listening to me...Lov u Gloria