Saturday, October 3, 2009

Apple Picking

I woke up this morning and there was a bit of fall in the air and decided it was the perfect day to drive up to Julian and pick apples. At first I was met with a negative attitude, surprise ( I know payback and I do not even keep a blanket in my car). We drove up to the orchard and it was so warm, I was hoping for a cool, crisp day but hey we were there and apples we available to be picked. We go the rules No climbing trees, No throwing the apples and NO horse play. Yes, this would not be easy for my crew who were enjoying the trip so far.Since they were not allowed to climb the trees and naturally the best apples were way up high in the trees Wyatt used a stick to knock down the good apples. Yes he knocked some down and they fell out of the trees and hit the ground, bruising them. Of course Wyatt found three apples all together and was very proud of them! Oh the joys of boys!
Our neighbor Dakota came with us and since he was the smallest of our group he was lifted to try to reach the good ones way up high.

After we picked and filled our $10.00 bag of apples we headed for our favorite apple pie restaurant. Yup, this was the line we did not wait in to get a slice of pie. We walked to another pies/ bakery and were so happy, no line.
We bought 2 pies to bring home and we got these delicious berry tarts and they were to die for, we should have brought more of these home. Yummy!

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