Thursday, October 1, 2009

How did I survive?

Thinking back to my childhood I have no idea how I am still alive today to talk about it. I slept in a crib with slots I could have got stuck in and chewed on the rails with the led paint. We would leave our house in the morning and come home at dark, we drank water out of the hose and all of us would chip in and buy one bottle of soda and each take a turn drinking it. No bottled water for us. We would walk through the woods to get to school and were never kidnapped. We would thaw hamburger on the counter all day then cook them and have them red in the middle, no e-coli here. Chicken, eggs, fruit and were all cut on the same cutting board we actually ate e-coli and survived I do not know how. We would go out trick or treating by ourselves and eat candy as we walked, nope no x-raying the candy. I learned how to swim in a dark cold lake, no clean sparkling swimming pool for this girl. If I got in trouble or talked back I got my butt smacked by that parent as well as my own. No child rights for me, I knew my place. If I was in a lot playing and got hurt to bad my dad never contacted an attorney and sued. When I fell and got hurt at a friends house my dad didn't know then that he could have owned that house, I just got in trouble. We never wore seat belts or sat in car seats, we would tumble around the car and were carried on the laps of our parents, even layed on the seat to sleep as an infant. How did we ever survive. Oh my gosh we never used the phone let alone have our own to take with us. A pager was something we had at a school to give morning announcements. PE was called gym and you were not allowed to fail gym, I guess PE is much harder. Being proud was something for a big accomplishment. I cant remember being board without all those X Box, Nintento, or 500 television stations. I never new anyone from a "dysfunctional" family or needing therapy. Wow look at all the money we saved. I have no idea how I survived to remember all this, life was so much simpler then.

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Gloria said... was..and I was an illegalalien and i never got deported....