Saturday, October 17, 2009

Just Another Robotic Saturday!

Today in at the Air and Space Museum we had the 1st Annual First Robotic Day! It was an even where local school's and their robots could come to the museum an demonstrate to the public their robots, We had well over 220 people in attendance.
Wyatt go his wish today to wear the Holy Cow Mascot costume today, he had a great time jumping around, dancing and being chased by kids, he had his picture taken with many people at the event. One little 3 year old boy wouldn't hug him but also would not stop stalking him all around the museum. Finally when the kid was ready to leave he gave the cow a big hug and all the way out of the museum he kept saying "Bye Cow, Bye Cow, I love you cow!" It was so cute. When Wyatt finally took off the costume he loved as though he had just gotten out of a pool, his clothes were so wet (and not from water SWEAT!) He had a great time.
Getting ready to jump rope

On stage helping with the raffle

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