Sunday, March 6, 2011

I'm still here

With San Diego Regional coming up I have been busy with parent meetings and helping out the kids on the robotics team. The kids in the mascot costume are a little bit short this year so I had to hem Daisy's legs, I am helping a mom plan and organize lunches, plan the judges bags and I just uploaded all this years events pictures back onto y computer so I could create 3 photo books (one with individual team photos, one of FIRST events we have held, and another one of all the community outreach that the kids have been too). Good thing I have the next two weeks of because I am already scheduled for every day, including some fun time for myself. I did manage to go to Little Italy last night for a few hours of Carnvale. It was super fun and we saw lots of interesting and beautiful costumes, I even got a mask from a lady selling them on the street.

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