Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Its the simple signs

You know how it is the days are longer, the sun shines later into the evening. . . you know all the signs, SPRING is on its way!!

Yesterday it rained and rained as a matter of fact it was so cold that we had hail in Solana Beach, so much that it covered the football field and it looked like snow. I felt bad my students were so excited about coming back to school and getting out to the playground and then it was cold and very wet so we were caught inside, I felt like a character out of the Dr. Seuss book The Cat in The Hat. We kept looking to see when we would be able to go outside. . .you know, we sat there, we sat there with nothing to do! It was that kind of day, and of course I was so excited to get to school I didn't even get coffee.

Today was a lovely change, it was sunny and sort of windy and cold, it was a very spring like day. the type of day you want to go fly a kite and look for all the signs of spring. I don't have to look very far spring is everywhere around me, even at my school. I love these beautiful wild flowers that are growing. Do you have signs of spring yet?

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