Sunday, September 14, 2008

Volunteer for a good cause

Saturday I volunteered to help out Scrapbook Royalty with a fundraiser to raise funds for autism. It was amazing! I met so many talented amazing women. I had met this woman Jana, from Murrietta, who was here volunteering for the first time as well. She told me she was not at all crafty or a scrapbooker but she was there to give back. He husband died 5 months ago from prostrate cancer and Scrapbook Royalty held a fundraiser to help her and her two children out. Jana is now got to file an appeal with the government to get her husbands military benefits. He served in our military for many years and after Desert Storm he retired and after that he was diagnosed with cancer. The government is telling her that he didn't die in active duty so she gets nothing. Five men from her husbands squad also have been diagnosed with prostrate cancer. Jana was an amazing women who now has to struggle with college education and taking care of herself. The government did give her $600.00 for burial expenses, that was enough for the obituary.

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