Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Another girls night out

Last night we had another wonderful, fun filled "hot mom's" night out, we had such a great time. It is so nice to get out with girlfriends and laugh and just have fun. Actually, I laughed so much last night that my stomach hurt this morning. I am sure that it had nothing to do with all the mojitos or wine that I drank. We stopped into Urban Outfitters and I bought a hat, I'm not even sure that I tried it on or that it will look good on me but I am sure that Amber would say it is such a Bolder thing and not to wear it here. I am so grateful that I have such great friends and we get to go out and have fun.

We parked Dominique's car at Horton Plaza and I swear we parked by a pretty 2 but we didn't and lost the car. We walked around the parking garage for what seemed like an hour, sort of like that Seinfeld episode. I called for assistance thinking some nice person in a cart would come rescue us, no such luck, all she said was that we must have parked by the pineapple. We went up a couple of floors and found her car. Thank God we go out of their.

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