Friday, September 12, 2008

We remember ...

Wyatt and I were talking and remembering where we were 7 years ago when we watched the Twin Towers get hit and fall. I remember it like it was yesterday. We were snuggling in bed (6:00 am), it was nice when they are 6 and want to snuggle with you, we were watching the news to find out what the weather would be like so we would know how to dress for the day. When we saw the first building I thought it was an accident. Watching the second plane fly around and right into the building was so surreal. As the buildings fell Wyatt asked what happened to all the people that were at work, I remember crying and telling him that many of them were still inside. Not realizing how many. Going to work that morning all the parents were so worried about leaving their children and I had to explain to them in a fake cheerful way that they were in a good place to be distracted by their friends. In the days and months that followed I was amazed at how out country came together. Why does it take such a tragedy to bring people to a place of peace and understanding of one another.

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