Thursday, March 18, 2010

Another Day in Salt Lake

That beautiful snow covered mountain at sunset. . . pictures do not do it justice.
The sign over the pit and I realized that I didn't get pictures of the pit area so that is on my list for tomorrow. Our pit is so organized and neat while others well. . . . not so much.

These are the kids checking in for the "Team Social"
(a.k.a lets promote our school and do a 2 hour tour before we feed you)

All the other kids from our team let me take their pictures except Gabby and Wyatt. UGGGHHHH. After the 20 minute power point presentation our team had an emergency and had to run out quickly. The school kids that checked us in were like "Are you leaving? Are you coming back?" and I was like I do not know? We have an emergency. The president decided she was not going to put the students thru that tour and we went back to the dining hall and ate. Smart kid!

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