Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Salt Lake

This morning we flew to Salt Lake City for another robotics competition.
PARENTS: Please do not ever send your teenage child out in public dressed like this; green crocs, giant green St. Patrics day bow tied onto his back pack and I couldn't get a picture of the front but he has a bigger sequin bow with green beads, and the tall green hat. Seriously it may have been cute to see them like that when they were 3 but its not so cute for a high schooler to be allowed out in public dressed like that. . . save them!
The beautiful snow covered mountains in Salt Lake. The kids were so excited to see snow, it is barely there but they didn't care it was 80 when we left San Diego so any tiny bit of snow probably looks pretty good to them.
OHHH if you ever want to come to Salt Lake here are a few rules we learned tonight:
1. It is against the law to dance after 2:00 am
2. You cannot buy alcohol at the grocery store, you can ONLY get it at the state run liquor store
you can get "half" beer in the store which contains half the alcohol(this is why Trader Joe's will
never come to Utah)
3. Before the Olympics were here you could never get a mixed drink only beer and wine.

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