Saturday, March 6, 2010

Last Day of San Diego Regional Finals

Today was the last day of the San Diego Regional Robotics Competition.

This is the field that the game "Breakaway" was played on (a robotic soccer game, 3 team robots against 3 team robots).

1538 was High Tech Highs bot. That big arm sticking out of team 1717 was to hoist their robot up on the platform and earn 2 bonus points.

Jeffrey came down to watch a bit of the morning seeding and cheer on The Holy Cows. Wyatt just got done giving him a tour of the pits.

Here is an up close picture of Daisy Bell, she won the award for imagery because the robot looks so complete, must be the powder coating. They lost in the quarterfinals when Daisy Bell broke an axle and lost a chain.

This was the team after they won the Chairman's Award, the highest award given to any team. Its based on spreading the news of First Robotics through community outreach, supporting local events and their knowledge of engineering and technology.

Here is Wyatt first robotic medal. This was the second year that the Holy Cows won the Chairman's Award, it has never happened at the San Diego Regional.

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