Friday, March 19, 2010

A night of a bit to much wine. . .

I first need to apologize because tonight we had a little celebration from the team leaving tonight's competition and being in 1st place . . .ahead of every other team by 13 points. (All I understand is we are in 1st place and we get our 1st pic in alliance). The other mom Sally and I have drank 2 bottles of wine and 1/2 of it was shared with David the coach and Jon had a 1/2 class (only to take the holy basil I make him take). I am a bit buzzed. AND my room smell of awful teenage boys! and the smelly cow costume! I hope I don't die in my sleep.
Here is me getting licked by the cow aka Wyatt (who is the mascot for traveling). He thought it was so fun and had little kids chasing him all day long in that get up. Go Wyatt!
It snowed today and for 90% of our kids it was their first time seeing falling snow. They were so excited! 1538 is the team number and since I am taking pictures for the team I thought it would be cool.
Here is the pit area, this is where the Daisy Bell gets fixed and maintained and where Jon comes unglued, except for today only a little because I made him take that basill last night and in the morning. Our pit area is the best looking, most organized neatest pit in the competition. . .I know you don't have one to compare it too, I will get one tomorrow. Dad you would love it, they are very organized and every tool and part is labeled!
Here is the team after winning an award tonight and I am sorry I forgot what it was for. They did their best to look excited, They win it every year! I think it was for engineering design? The best looking robot I do not remember.
I will let you all know if they win the entire competition tomorrow.

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