Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy Monday!

So I am doing a photo project for the Brooklyn Museum of Art and my photo theme is 27 days of . . . I decided to take pictures of The Holy Cows FIRST robotics team. I am snapping pictures on this disposable camera they sent me, I am so not use to photographing like that but it is fun. I am following the team from the kick off al the way thru the World Championships in St Louis. All the pictures will be mailed back and sent on tour of the United States along with all the other wonderful pictures people have taken. After they tour they will be bound in a book and placed in their library, I already have my bar code!
As I am snapping pictures, with both cameras, I am sworn to not let any out until the San Diego Regional. Building and what the bot looks like is a B I G secret with them. Here is a picture I took at the machine shop Saturday.

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