Friday, January 21, 2011

Thumb Wrestling??

Wyatt was babysitting the neighbor boys tonight and I really wanted to go down to El Norte for a margarita and a yummy bowl of tortilla soup. Wyatt and his little charges came along, it is pretty funny to watch him babysitting in action . . .he is really good. After dinner Max, the 4th grader, wanted to thumb wrestle with Wyatt. The size difference made me laugh they were both a good sport and even let me snap a picture.
The Mayor of Encinitas is a dear friend that I have know for about 20 years (I've known him since the days of Jeffrey playing baseball). I guess he hasn't seen Wyatt in a while and he came running over to me and was shocked at how big he is. . .lat time he saw Wyatt he was probably 4 years old. The boys were impressed that I knew the mayor of our town. They are easy to impress!

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