Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year. . . finally!

Wow 2011 has already started off just as busy as 2010 ended, but you all know me and I would not have it any other way. We rang in the new year with yet another neighborhood party, this time only two houses from ours. We originally were planning a traveling party but with our crazy, rainy weather we have been having here in Leucadia we decided it needed to be just contained in at one house.

So many people make resolutions that they never are able to keep this year I decided that there are still many things I want to learn:
1. to knit
2. to be more patient
3. be more honest without worrying about hurting friends feelings, being truthful is much more
helpful than a little white lie to make someone feel better for a moment.
4. to be more diligent and follow thru with posting more often on my blogs
5. to live in the moment and not be thinking about the 400 other things I have to do, enjoy each
thing as it comes up.
I hope you all had a safe and wonderful New Year and enjoy all that 2011 brings to you.

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