Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It Never Rains In Southern California?

So the song says. . . but we have had our share of this lovely wet stuff so far this winter. It is kind of a nice change but enough ios enough and hopefully we will be getting some warmer weather. I know those of you who are living in really cold weather do not think that the 30's and 40's here is cold, but it is cold for here and my very thin California blood.
My poor son Wyatt has been injuring himself daily, usually while in robotics or at school. I am sure he must be growing more (6'2" isn't tall enough for him I guess). I am praying that he will survive the build season and I am thinking that I should be taking out another insurance policy on him?
I am trying to figure out our summer plans which I doubt will be together. . Wyatt was nominated to attend COSMO's science and technology program at UCSD this summer (a 4 week live in camp thingy) then he will be attending the Indiania Robotics Invitational again this summer. I hope we can get a chance to do a short trip somewhere close this summer. Also, my 25th high school reunion is this summer so I am trying to figure out those plans as well. My friends in Michigan want me to come visit their lake house this summer. It is January and I am already overwhelmed with summer plans, knowing that they will all work out exactly how they are suppose too.

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