Tuesday, July 14, 2009

8th Grade Dinner

Wyatt and I before I dropped him off to dinner. He is trying to look shorter than me.
The 8th graders before dinner. (Paola, Brooke, Selina, Olivia, Alicia, Tia, Abby, Sierra, Isaiah, Joey, Max, John and Wyatt)

Paola, Wyatt and Sierra his good friends.
Tia, Wyatt, Brooke and Abby
Tonight was the 8th grade dinner for Wyatt's school, the night before graduation. The kids only got to go to dinner, no parents. Wyatt was so excited, he showered, brushed & flossed teeth, used mouth wash and then put on cologne. (Hmmm . . . I wonder if he used deodorant? Hmmm. . . he must have, stinky pits are sooo gross.) After doing some photos on the deck Wyatt was ready to leave, of course we had well over an hour and the drive to the restaurant was only 15 minutes, but being the good mom I am I leave and drive down near the restaurant. I decide that with all this time to kill I am going to go shopping in Staples (they are having a 1 cent sale). As I am aimlessly wandering the store I continue hearing the count down until its time to be dropped off for dinner. Finally, I get to the check out with my random 1 cent stuff and some stickers I needed for school and some lady in front of us is doing a return and of course they only have 1 register open. "It's 6:20. . .Mom it is now 6:24!" I get to the restaurant right on time, not like some other people who were late! (No, it was not Gloria, she was on time. . .Yeah!) I park the car, which I apparently was not suppose too, I was suppose to do the slow down, push the kid out of the car and speed away before anyone can see, no one told me until I got out of the car with my camera proudly in my hand. After getting a few (8 or 9) pictures the kids went in to eat and Gloria and I decided to go into The Cantina, sit in the very back so we would not be seen (we had very strict instructions that we were not allowed to stay at the same restaurant). We enjoyed our nachos, beers and margartias. Boy the kids were so much happier after they ate and again I got a few more pictures (this time like 30) those kids LOVE to have their pictures take. Tomorrow night graduation.

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