Wednesday, July 15, 2009

8th Grade Graduation Night

Tonight was Wyatt's 8th grade graduation, he was so happy. We got home from school and Jeff and Dahlia had come down to watch and support Wyatt on his special night.
Wyatt got his graduation gift from Jeanne and I, it was a new lap top he needed one for high school and his old one was so old and outdated, it is crazy how in 3 years they become obsolete. This "frame" was in the box with his computer so I made everyone hold it up and take a picture, I think they look cool.
Yes, that is Wyatt at a solo microphone, he can't really sing as a matter of fact I think the music teacher had it turned off because I couldn't even hear his sweet, angelic voice. He was only at the microphone alone because only 6 of his class mates showed up to perform.
Here is my proud boy walking to get his diploma, yes that pretty girl is Paola, Gloria's daughter.

Here is a picture of his diploma, I thought they came out so good our own Miss Deidra made them herself, she is very good.

Now I have to go edit my entry from last night, I noticed many mistakes. I am gonna blame it on Happy Hour. Sounds good!

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Melanie said...

Yay! How wonderful! Proud mama and smart boy!!