Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sisters Weekend

Friday morning I was picked up at 8:30 am , it was suppose to be 8:00 but they all run late all the time, by 3 of my sisters and we still had to pick up my 4th sister from another mother (aka sister in law). Finally we were in the car and heading south for shopping, spa and fun. I laughed so much that my sides hurt. Where ever we went all weekend people would ask what kind of group we were and when we told them we were all sisters they looked shocked. It was fun watching their faces.
This is all my sisters after we bought our hats and those beautiful flowers. (Tammy 2nd oldest, Dawn my sister from another mother aka sister in law, Jennie the adopted one just kidding 3rd sister, Aimie the baby, and me the bestest and the oldest, not really Dawn IS older than me. All of us after the spa day, notice I'm the only one wearing that ugly hat? Really it was just trying to hide some bad hair.
Her are my sisters at On The Border after our wonderful day at the spa. Yup, we wore those silly hats all day long.
Guess what they sell at this store. . . Nope not anything for Christmas. "It's seasonal" who call a store The Christmas Tree Shop and doesn't sell Christmas stuff all year long? Very disappointing.

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