Thursday, July 30, 2009

Maine Camp

My camera screen is cracked so I am unable to see the images of the pictures I am taking but they come out really good ( for not being able to see anything). I will be glad to get back home and get it fixed. I know my camera so well that I am able to change it to black and white then back to color.

Here are the kayaks that are our favorite activity at the lake, they are a rainbow of colors.

We had a few good, sunny days so we headed to the woods. Wyatt, my sister Jennie and I stayed the night and had a great time. Aside for being eaten alive from the mosquito's outside at night we can't complain. Wyatt kept commenting on how green everything is and wants to move here right down to the lake.
This is a view looking through this big tree that is growing on top of a moss covered rock.

Jennie and I sitting on the dock.

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