Sunday, July 26, 2009

In Loving Memory

Friday morning a wonderful women lost her battle with cancer. This is the women who started the Edison Academy, the school my son with dyslexia attended for 4 years. The program that was created by Linda Wulle is amazing! It is classes filled with kids with mild forms of learning differences. The kids are all together in one classroom where they are retaught how to learn according to their own learning style, they gain tool, confidence and an ability to advocate for themselves. I know for a fact that if my son was not at Edison Academy he would not be as confident and comfortable with his dyslexia. Thank you Linda for creating such a comfortable, loving place that my child could come and learn with "kids that learn like me" (to quote my son when he found out I was changing his school at 4th grade). The kids at Edison mingle, have lunch, go on field trips and participate with the kids on campus in the regular main stream classrooms but all the learning is done in their own safe and comfortable classroom, without this type of classroom setting my son would never have dared to read aloud, participate or feel good about himself, his confidence would have gone down hill. Thank you Linda Wulle for creating such a wonderful learning environment for my child and all the children past, present and future to pass through the gates of Edison Academy.

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